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Experts in corporate travel since 2010

Are you planning a business trip, conference, or event for your company or organization? Or are you looking to motivate and reward your employees and partners with incentives? Let Butterfly Travel take care of every detail for you, ensuring the success of your trip with our personalized corporate travel services.
We can provide assistance with everything from tickets and transportation to event organization and equipment, and we can shape your travel budget to suit the nature and specifications of your business trip.
Our flexible payment policy accommodates subsidized entities as well as individual travelers, with the ability to provide credit until the final settlement of the trip

  • Integrated corporate travel packages
  • Competitive proposals for tickets and accommodation
  • Planning and support for meetings and events
  • Personalized travel services for each traveler
  • Competitive and flexible payment plans
  • 24/7 comprehensive support
  • Immediate solutions and support in the case of any unpredictable events

3 reasons to choose Butterfly Travel:

Personalized services, long experience with dedication to business travel, and comprehensive support.

These are the three reasons to choose our travel agency for your next business trip, enjoying a unique travel experience with quality and safety, while saving time and money.


100% integrated solutions for corporate travel.

At Butterfly Travel, we provide fully integrated solutions for corporate travel. Our services are designed to optimize service costs while ensuring an enjoyable travel experience, and we offer comprehensive support to ensure your security and provide immediate solutions in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We understand that a successful corporate travel experience is essential for corporate success, and we are dedicated to taking care of every detail to ensure that your trip is a success. Our specialized team will take on the strategic planning and implementation of your travel plan, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Thus, we design and analyze effective policies for corporate travel, offering the best possible services and facilities at optimal prices, and we are always by your side to prevent and manage any possible unpredictable factors.
Our goal is to maximize the performance and efficiency of each business trip, while simplifying the complex process of planning, preparing, and executing the corporate travel plan.

  • Personalized travel options: Our personal travel agents work with you to create customized solutions that cater to your specific requirements.
  • Ticket and hotel reservations: We ensure competitive prices, while covering every specific need for travel and accommodation.
  • Transportation to and from the destination: We ensure comfortable, timely, and consistent transportation upon arrival, departure, and during the trip.
  • Direct communication: Our company representative is constantly available during business trips.
  • Safety and immediate solutions: We solve any issue that may arise in case of emergency changes (strikes, cancellations, flight or hotel overbooking).
  • Parallel activities: Each business trip has its own parallel activities, as well as moments of relaxation, and we take care of them

Over 2,000 travelers, organizations, and companies place their trust in us for their corporate travel needs.

Both public institutions such as ministries, universities, researchers and scientists, and private companies, businesses and VIPs who travel for business purposes, consistently rely on our travel services.

We specialize in organizing successful conferences.

Hosting a conference can be a great way to promote and establish a company, organization, or entity. At Butterfly Travel, we can handle all aspects of conference planning and execution for you. From start to finish, we’ll put our expertise and years of experience to work for you.

Our comprehensive checklist covers everything from scheduling and coordination to transportation and accommodation for conference attendees. We also provide technical and administrative conferences support, manage concurrent activities, and handle communication, including sponsorship management.

  • Conference scheduling and organization
  • Coordination and management of 100+ attendees
  • Credit options for subsidized activities
  • Personalized travel services and booking
  • Venue and equipment arrangements
  • Audiovisual and remote participation support
  • Comprehensive administrative support
  • Communication and promotion services
  • Sponsorship management
  • Corporate gifts and parallel activities

Give incentives

Offering incentives is an excellent way to motivate employees and reward partners for their hard work. At Butterfly Travel, we can assist you in designing customized “incentive trips” tailored to your specifications and the profile of your participants. These trips can be a great motivator or reward for your travelers, while also providing benefits to your company such as increased sales, productivity, dedication, and improved morale among your partners.

  • Specialized incentive / reward travel packages
  • Designing the type of trip and setting the travel policy
  • Booking tickets for transportation and arranging accommodation
  • Combining services with parallel corporate events

You can reach us by email, phone, or by visiting us in our beautiful modern office, located behind the Hilton hotel in a prime central location in Athens that’s easily accessible by all means of transportation.